Sunday, March 1, 2009

Some old promised stuff

I had told you about our past Sunday when we were mall hopping etc etc.
Well to begin with we parked at Tesco, then hopped into The Curve and then to Ikea and back to Tesco. All are located in Mutiara Damansara and are linked so one is not zipping in and out, it's more like gliding from one to the other !!

Here is what we did:
Tesco 1: only parked the car, then went into The Curve.
The Curve: we checked out Daiso (I have written about this already, click here to read it again). At Daiso Aadu picked up a very cute red bucket, he wants to fill it with sand !!
After Daiso we went into the Yamaha Music Store to get some Guitar string for A's guitar (funny thing is we could not remember if it was the second string from top or from the bottom!!) so we did not buy any !!

Ikea: first stop was the restaurant, where we ate, drank, and rested our tired feet. Then we were off to the Children's Section, where the little brat that is my son, picked up a sheep/dog (soft toy), and a shovel. A picked up some white board markers for Aadu's board. Someone has to help me out on this one, my son always forgets to cap the pens, hence within a week we are left with dry markers..
Then it was off to some wandering in the show-area, where Aadu admired the kitchens, living rooms, some kiddy furniture, and let out exclamations like 'wow'..'so cool na' etc. I was pretty amazed at how he liked and soaked in the designs and I was more amazed at his taste. I predict here and now that my son is going to have one amazing house.
We then cut short the route to enter the 'market-place'. Glanced around, and I remember picking up an ice cream scooper but it was not there in the cart by the time we were at the check-out counter. Oh yes below is the picture of my the 18-piece dinner set I picked up. I love the blue colour ...

Then we re-traced our steps to The Curve to get back to Tesco. On the way Aadu found these battery operated animal rides, so we enjoyed ourselves on this Elephant-cum-dog ride.

Then I saw some stuff put out by Metrojaya, so stopped to check it out, and ended up buying two night dresses, what I liked about them (besides the price ;)) was the soft hosiery-cotton material and amazing softness. Both pieces were very well priced at 20 and 24 Ringgit.

Tesco 2: this was majorly grocery-shopping, so our cart was full of vegetables and fruits. I also picked up some 'potato bread' this time, as I have always seen locals buy this hot off the shelf. I must say when we came home and tried it...I was amazed at how yummm it was very-slightly sweet, and had the texture of a 'paav' from back in India.

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