Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ballet for preschoolers

About one and a half month ago I enrolled my three year old preschooler in a ballet class in Crestar Learning Centre.I thought of enrolling her because a wanted her to engage in some extracurricular activities and since she already enjoys dancing I thought that a dance class is where she can have a lot of fun.

The program that I have enrolled Ibnat in is known as "Bebe Ballet" and the emphasis is not strictly on ballet postures and exercises but on creative self-expression and on emoting "make-believe" situations.For example,the teacher would ask the children to imagine that they are in a forest and they are the elephants,lions and rabbits.Popular nursery rhymes are also used and ballet moves are added here and there.
Parents can watch the children's dance during the class and this is something I really love.Watching little girls in pink leotard and tutus dancing away to great music is really enjoyable and forty five minutes pass away in the blink of an eye!
In the first class Iba was very distracted but by her third or fourth class she was able to pick up the basic moves.
The most important thing is Ibnat is enjoying her ballet class.
Any form of dancing is good for children because it teaches them coordination and balance.Regular dancing also enhances motor skills and increases flexibility of the body.