Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Role Play

These days, the son is into role-plays and loves being the 'Papa'; I have to tag along as the Mom (his mom) !!

In his role-play he has a son, and then he pampers his son, sits him on his own chair, puts on the song 'Meri dunia tu hi rey..' from 'Heyy Baby'. While this song goes on, Aadi is feeding the baby with a spoon, cleaning his face, changing his diaper, and then they set off for a walk, the baby is in a stroller now (The chair on which the baby sat, turns into a stroller...now that is an idea one can take forward...who would not want multi-function kid furniture!!)
This song and dance and walking all over the house with baby is not limited to one-time play of the song, but it goes on and on and on for half and hour or even more...I am of course reminding him how his baby will get bored of the same song for o long !!
Aadi enjoys this routine, and we're doing this almost every other day.
I am the doting grand-ma to his son, and then in between his play, if his baby cries I have to pacify him after Aadi instructs me with 'tyala pyar kar' (make him happy/cajole him/baby talk him)!!
I enjoy this role-play time, and it helps me see what Aadi absorbs from us as his parents and how he uses all those inputs to treat his baby...I must say from what I see he is going to make a very good Papa someday; but I am not sure of the diaper change though, coz he hates to get his hands dirty be it food or paint or anything else.....gosh I can't wait for the time when he will learn to wash himself after potty time !!! ha ha ha

That is my son's son!! Yes Mater (from the famous 'Cars' movie) is my grandson !!! The little yellow car is my grandson's toy car !! The proud Papa (my son) is pointing to his baby !!!
I know all of you were imagining a baby doll or something, but my son is using a tow truck to be his imaginary baby....that sure speaks volumes of his vivid and wild imagination and of course full marks to him for being so resourceful. It also shows how kids don't lay emphasis on good-looks....they just want unconditional pure love.
And yes that is the chair that transforms itself into a stroller when they go for a stroll!!

Another cute picture of my grandson !! I think I need to take him to the dentist ;)