Sunday, June 12, 2016

Yay! First Pet!

 A first pet is a  kind of a rite of passage for any child! I think pets add  more fairy dust to the magic of childhood and create warm and fuzzy  memories to look back on !

Our kids have been asking for a four legged friend  for a while now but we have been reluctant  because of the enormous responsibility it would entail. And where would we keep it while we are vacationing in our hometown was another question that lingered in our minds. My siblings and  I always have had dogs and some of our fondest memories consist of Woolly,our beloved dog, who was unique and very playful . And so at times I felt that I was depriving my children of this fun aspect of childhood.

But life is full of surprises and my kids were thrilled to  get their first pet quite unexpectedly a week ago. It's  a lovely gift from a lovely friend. 
And it's a perfect pet for first time pet owners.Fighter (Betta) fish  is hardy and low maintenance. His name is Lil Mia  and my photo totally doesn't do justice to his beautiful colours !

The kids are thrilled and enamored of their new pet. They google "fighter fish" countless times a day  to see how best to keep him happy and cheerful. They were quite amused to learn that his vibrant colours were meant for attracting a female partner.

And the best part is we need only 3 items for Lil Mia's care :

I hope Lil Mia will prepare my kids for "bigger" pets in future ! I eagerly look forward to the day when they  can have a furry friend ! 

Saturday, June 11, 2016

#Growth Mindset

Came across this wonderful  #Growth Mindset poster by Sylvia Duckworth and shared by Vicki Davis ( It's  meant  for teachers but I think it's equally important for parents !