Saturday, July 25, 2009

Back to blogging

Pardon my absenteeism. I was away in homeland for over a month.
I am so happy to get all those emails, asking me to start blogging and that they are really looking forward to reading something here.....I love you all !!!

Well I had a good trip, I got to meet some long lost friends, and as usual it was super duper fun to meet up with everyone I met, Shibani, Neeta, Amolika, Mrinal, Manali. Love you girls !!
I also met my little cousin sister Aarya, she is a happy-go-lucky 9 month bundle of amazement !!
The best part was that my son loved her instantaneously and was by her side through out. He loved the concept of 'a baby'. He even fed her with a bottle !! (this gave way to everyone around me to gently suggest that I must plan for another baby soon!!...well easier said than done ;) !! )

Another thing that happened was that I missed my home...just being in my home, with my stuff around, doing things and chores at my pace etc. And I did miss hubby darling dearly !!

Aadi also missed 2 weeks of school, which was nothing major as a KG1 guy can always catch up fast with all the missed stuff.

A great coincidence occurred....
Shibani and I are friends since our MBA days, we meet almost every time I'm home. Now this time around Shibani was in Pune at her parents home, and so we met in Pune, and I had this major urge to meet Neeta, a friend of mine since Junior College, but some how we were out of touch ever since she went to study Dentistry and I went off to Engineering College. I had taken her number from her sister, and so made the call and we spoke as though we spoke just yesterday !! BTW: Her son's name is Aaditya too !! (that can be counted as coincidence # 1)
We decided to meet soon, and the conversation was ended.
After some time Shibani called to say that she was on her way to pick me up to go to the Jewellers (now don't get ideas that I was majorly jewellery shopping in times of this recession..) I was to only go with her and maybe...just maybe buy a pendant for Aadi to wear around his neck with a rope of black thread!! I was not ready and lots of things needed to be done so I told her I would not be able to accompany her...and I mentioned to her about Neeta and how we were friends and now again were back in touch and wanted to meet etc. etc. etc.
Surprise...surprise !! Shibani knew Neeta, and not just knew her...they were friends since their school days !!!
So we three decided to meet and what a meeting it was......
Shibani and Neeta meeting after school ...that is roughly 16 years....and Neeta and I met after 13 years !!!
We had so much to much to ask, so much to was just amazing.

I felt that even though we were grown up, had our own professions, our kids, our very different lives, we were connected in more ways than less. Friendship is that bond where everything else just dwindles in importance. We are on the same level in a friendship, and that's what makes it so special and wonderful. It's just great to have non-judgemental friends.

I would go on and on writing, but it would be all over the place. So I end for today and promise to keep writing now on, regularly.

P.S. We forogt to take snaps !!!