Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Very creative and superbly co-ordinated video

These are members of a cheering squad at a soccer game in South Korea.

I found this video at: Damn Cool Pics

Monday, May 17, 2010

What drove me mad and nuts @#$#@

It's me .... and yes I am alive...and yes I survived all these days without a maid...a total of 75 days without a maid !!! It is an accomplishment for me :)

A few incidents happened in the last 3 weeks that made me cringe...drove me nuts and had me wonder 'how could she do this?'

Incident 1: A friend is in KL with her family and 6 month daughter, who is very sick with a bad nose/chest congestion. She messages me on fb and asks for details of a pediatrician. I called her on the number that she had mentioned....and gave details of my son's Doc. She said she had looked up a Doc at a hospital closer to her. I asked her how her kid was...and what was wrong with her.
She answered that they had driven down here, and the kid has not had anything to drink in the last 36 hours !!!....I was about to faint before she finished her sentence.....I managed to give her some short term relief home remedies.
This is not all....
One week later the same girl's FB status says that she was in another country !!! I inquired about her kid and she said.......'OK but not fully recovered'
I was horrified...at the callousness ...not only was she putting her kid at risk by travelling all that much....she was putting fellow travelers also at risk and that too in times of H1N1 .

Incident 2: A family we got to know about a year back, I spoke regularly to the wife, she calls me...we met at our place, we went over to her place.....we're sharing some very personal information etc. News comes that her husband's contract here is not being extended so they have to move, and they transferred the guy to India. I invite her over to my place, see a great gift for her. Tell her she has to just come over any time convenient to her ....this lady calls me 2 days back and tells me she is leaving for the airport shortly !!!!
She did not bother to tell me the date of travel when they booked tickets...I was quite saddened by the fact that she chose to call me just before leaving for the airport....