Thursday, March 3, 2016

Update #haircare

In the previous post, I had mentioned that I had generously slathered my hair with a cream hair mask (i bought it at my local Cosway store). I was to wait for about 20-25 minutes before I go ahead with the shampoo and rinse.
I followed these steps, and I am happy to report that my hair looks nice, they look well conditioned, soft and best of all, no frizzy hair!!
I'm definitely going to do this often.

Recently a friend introduced me to the hair vitamin capsules at the pharmacy. These capsules contain some oil base enriched with vitamin E, argan oil, etc. There are a few options to choose from, based on the hair type.
The contents of one capsule is to be applied to towel dried hair.
I discovered that using these capsules were exactly whati had been looking for to allow my dry frizzy hair to get smoothened out, to give my hair some shine. They actually look healthy, and well taken care of!

If anyone wants details of these products, the hair mask, the hair vitamin capsules, do let me know, I will be happy to share.

Let's work together to ensure that we all have happy hair days!!

This & that and everything in between....

There is just so much that I wish to write down; and I actually got worried sick about how I was going to do it all! So I decided to start with baby steps (we all know a thing or two about baby steps...don't we?)

This week I am sort of free. Free only from the content-writing that I have started last year. So I have time on hand; and so this Monday I spent a day at the nearby mall watching a movie with the kids and another friend & her beautiful daughter. After the movie, we visited the Body Shop; as we both (mommies) wanted to pick up some stuff. I chose the Tea Tree Oil BB Cream. My friend recommended it to me; and I like what it does to my skin.
So to cut a long story short; since Monday I have been in this mental zone of researching about skincare products for my age group. My problem areas are endless...but for starts I wish to minimize the gigantic craters called pores! Secondly hydration for my skin is a worrying issue right now.
I have zeroed on a few products; like the ROC Retinol Correxion Sensitive Night Cream; and the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum. Both have excellent reviews and are highly recommended products. My worry is their price point; secondly that these are not available in trial-size packs. If they were, then we could just buy those samples, try the products for a month, then make the decision to purchase.
While I was at the home country, I greedily grabbed a big (biggest available) jar of the Biotique Bio Wheat Germ cream. It used to be my favorite; but now it leaves me super greasy! So I don't like it as much but I can't discard it also because it cost hard earned money!! So I have decided (for now) that I will first finish off this ginormous jar of cream; and only then think about purchasing any other skin care product.

Last month I also learnt over YouTube (Yes I am an avid YouTube watcher); that trick to smoother hair is to first apply conditioner; wait for some time, rinse it off; then apply your shampoo. I have tried this and it seems to be working. Today I have actually applied a hair mask, which I will wash off before shampooing my hair. Let's see how that goes!

The younger ones birthday is soon approaching, and I have to finalize the cake and that should keep me occupied with something constructive to do for the next few days.
How fast these little munchkins have grown up!

Lastly....while I was on the lookout for skincare products...I chanced upon something very ingenious! I saw one one of the pharmacy websites a product so useful, so needed...that I am going to grab a few packs when I visit the store next. The product was Disposable toilet seat covers!!
We need them....don't we? When we are outside, at a mall or the movie, and we need to visit the restrooms...get the picture? Now you know...that you also need to buy few packs!!