Tuesday, March 9, 2010

How Tech Savvy are you?

I took this quiz on Oprah.com and the result is posted below......but am stumped at not knowing that the Internet and the World Wide Web are not the same thing !!! (refer question 10)

Your scored: 8 out of 10 correctly.

Über–Geeky...you have an intellectual curiosity about technology. You pay attention to new developments and trends. Also, you think being called "über–geeky" is a compliment.

1. Have you Googled yourself?
You answered correctly. The answer is: Yes.

2. What is a tweet?
You answered correctly. The answer is: A post on Twitter.

3. If you wanted to create an "avatar" to meet and interact with others in a completely virtual world, which of the following social networks would you join?
Sorry, you answered incorrectly. The answer is: Second Life.

4. What does the acronym ROFL stand for?
You answered correctly. The answer is: Rolling on the Floor Laughing.

5. If you intend to stream large video files from the Internet, would you want a computer with more or less RAM?
You answered correctly. The answer is: More.

6. Which of the following could be installed on your computer with malicious intent?
You answered correctly. The answer is: A Trojan horse.

7. Who is credited as the inventor of the World Wide Web?
You answered correctly. The answer is: Timothy Berners-Lee.

8. Which major technology company was recently granted the right to sell power like a utility provider?
You answered correctly. The answer is: Google.

9. What means of high-tech transportation did famous billionaire Richard Branson recently unveil?
You answered correctly. The answer is: Deep-sea submarine.

10. True or false: The World Wide Web is the same thing as the Internet.
Sorry, you answered incorrectly. The answer is: False.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Quick updates

Day-4 Minus Maid: was somewhat smooth; with sweeping; etc....it's the laundry that made me mad this time !! I mean laundry is something that the maid never did....and now I feel so caught up in other chores that my beloved laundry baskets overflow !! Anyways....belt tightened and off I was to the verandah where all the washing is done. I am sure my washing machine must sympathise with me...or should I sympathise with her???? Lunch was Egg bhurji with chapatis ...nice and simple and easy and yet nutritious. There was also lots of milk that had to be made into yogurt; so I set some and made a mental note to make 'kadhi-with pakodas' the next day or so.
With doing so much laundry on one day there is always a mountain of clothes to be folded in the evening....so there I was folding and folding...and yes the Internet guy came and set up his own modem to prove that the fault is not in their line but it's our modem that's at fault !! But since that the net is really working un-interrupted like before .... so that means we'll have to shell off some cash to buy a new modem :( hmmmm life and it's unpredictable nature....
Dinner was ordered on the phone...we had some voucher for Pizza Hut through our telephone company. This was the first time we were ordering in something from PH; and we were in for a shock when the guy told us that we can't choose any of the regular menu items as the TM (Telephone Malaysia) promotion has specific pizzas only !! how sick was that !!!!

As though that was not enough....when we opened the boxes we were shocked to see pathetic looking pizzas......the chicken one had chicken sausages circles on it and that too so few that I can count them on two hands !!! The Veg one was atleast fuller looking because there are more vegetables that are generally put on a pizza....the amount of cheese on both was absolutely poor. I did not expect this from PH !! They should have used this promotion tie-up with the sole distributor of telephone lines across the country to showcase their best and entice customers with their fare. Wonder who is handling their marketing & branding portfolios.

The other wort-noting event of the day was my conversation with my aunt who by-mistake divulged a would-be surprise to me !! Looks like my brother will be coming this weekend....but she quickly covered up with other stuff....but this piece of information is sticking out like a needle and I need to investigate further. Mom and Papa have not said anything....Dada has not said a word either !! Hmmmmmmmm tomorrow i'll call Mom !!


Moring was rushed……dropped off the little one and scampered home to have breakfast and make lunch and bathe, look good and then leave for Y’s house to see he little baby girl.
Lunch-I decided to make a one-dish lunch….so that I save on time. I made Veg-pulao with carrots, French beans and green peas. It’s an all time favorite in our home. I left the boondi-raita and papads for later; anyways they don’t take more than 5 minutes to put together.
Rushed in to check what I was going to wear and realized that it needed ironing…..grrrrrrrrrrrrr…..I ironed the dress with some extra energy thanks to the anger brewing inside my head for not doing enough preparations earlier.

Off to Y's home...and the baby is ohhhhhhhhh soooooooo cute and after I saw her I realised how much my own baby had grown !! When I got to speak to Amol; he said the said that 'good atleast now you will feel that you have done enough with Aadu' !!
As though that is going to stop me from being the fussy mom !!

After lunching and playing and generally talking .... put Aadu to sleep and then relaxed a bit; then evening there was sweeping plus there were a mountain of clothes to be folded. Still have not started the ironing routine....I think I'll just offload that part to the laundry downstairs....but he charges 1 RM or so for each piece !! But will soon have to think of something coz the to-be-ironed shelf is overflowing !!

Son had some homework so did that....
vessels were waiting to be washed....but i just left them there...will see tomorrow morning.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day-2 Minus Maid

Day 2 began with a relaxed feel as most of the hard work was finished on previous day...or so I thought...

I paid some bills - made good use of the Internet while it was working !! These days the net is giving me a lot of grief...it is a broadband connection but it works like a net-with-tortoise-pace !!

Just managed to clear out the clothes, toys in the rooms and sweep the house. Put Aadu's clothes in the machine; washed 3 t-shirts by hand; and realised how long it had been since the last time I did that!!

Went to pick up son and then did the usual stuff with him....basically lunching and listening to some school related banter...and then put him to sleep.

Evening was relaxed with just a few vessels to clean. Dinner was also an easy affair.
Ended the day with 'Princess Diary 2' ....not the full movie but just the first 30 minutes.

Lets see how day-3 goes..am a little worked up about tomorrow as I have to go to a friends house in the morning (she had a baby daughter & I was going to see the little baby). Should finish lunch making etc before 10 AM !!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Update Holi-Celebrations

This is an update to yesterday that was 'Day-1 Minus Maid'.

In the evening the beautiful ladies of the condo got together for a superb talk-over-tea meet; and the food was aaa-haaa !! Mouthwatering and pure yummmmmm.
What's a Holi-party without any colors right??? So yessssssss there was plenty of color and we had such fun smearing color on one another !! The children also joined in and had their share of fun and running around.
It was Aadu's first time with colors on Holi; prior to this I would just use the haldi-kumkum as colors to let him the know the significance of color in the celebration of Holi.

Mid way through the play I asked him 'Aadu are you having fun?' He answered in affirmative; but when he saw more color on his friends faces he asked me to take him home for a bath !!! Remember this is the kid who can't stand a speck of dust on him or around him.

Went home gave him a shower; all the color came running down....then was my turn but I remembered there were door-mats to be rinsed and put to dry. So brush in hand; shower full on; I scrubbed the mats as clean as I could and as much as my strain-challenged arm muscles would allow. Quick shower and then slomppppppppp onto bed !!! Gosh I was tired........

Did not make dinner....Aadu wanted to eat Idli; so Papa was going to pack dinner for all. What a savior that was....I was really too tired to make anything.
Even then...could not finish dinner in good cheer; went to sleep zzzzzzzzzz

Monday, March 1, 2010

New Beginnings

Today I feel very pleased with myself....I put in a lot of effort into something that is very dear to me....my home. I went about cleaning it to the best possible way.
Reason being - the maid will no longer come for a month. She's taken medical leave !!

It feels good to see the result of your toil and the best part was that my son upon returning from school said that the house looked clean and asked me 'Mumma who clean it?' I proudly said 'Mumma did it' and he came and gave me a hug.
My heart was the size of a watermelon ...full of pride and full of love for my little boy.

I plan to keep the home maid-free till I go back to my home town. This arrangement will in all likelihood help me lose some weight which has been a cause for concern to all family members.

The husband will have to help me out; which i'm sure he will. He's one of the rare guys who do more than their share but still have a smile to share....love him to bits.

Now that I am relaxing the hard work endured in the morning hours seem only fruitful; but believe me when it was morning; I was rushing around and trying to do as much as I could before I went to pick up the son from school. I thought of myself as a mad-woman !! dashing in and out of rooms, broom, mop, duster in hand !!

Maybe because it was the first day and that too after a long weekend there was too much to be cleaned....and hopefully tomorrow won't be so mad.
And perhaps I can make that much awaited phone call to my friend down south.....tring tring....Malina...it's me....

Day-1 without maid.