Monday, March 1, 2010

New Beginnings

Today I feel very pleased with myself....I put in a lot of effort into something that is very dear to home. I went about cleaning it to the best possible way.
Reason being - the maid will no longer come for a month. She's taken medical leave !!

It feels good to see the result of your toil and the best part was that my son upon returning from school said that the house looked clean and asked me 'Mumma who clean it?' I proudly said 'Mumma did it' and he came and gave me a hug.
My heart was the size of a watermelon ...full of pride and full of love for my little boy.

I plan to keep the home maid-free till I go back to my home town. This arrangement will in all likelihood help me lose some weight which has been a cause for concern to all family members.

The husband will have to help me out; which i'm sure he will. He's one of the rare guys who do more than their share but still have a smile to him to bits.

Now that I am relaxing the hard work endured in the morning hours seem only fruitful; but believe me when it was morning; I was rushing around and trying to do as much as I could before I went to pick up the son from school. I thought of myself as a mad-woman !! dashing in and out of rooms, broom, mop, duster in hand !!

Maybe because it was the first day and that too after a long weekend there was too much to be cleaned....and hopefully tomorrow won't be so mad.
And perhaps I can make that much awaited phone call to my friend down south.....tring's me....

Day-1 without maid.

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Smita said...

Neelum has work both at home and the farm now :-) :-)!!!!