Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day-2 Minus Maid

Day 2 began with a relaxed feel as most of the hard work was finished on previous day...or so I thought...

I paid some bills - made good use of the Internet while it was working !! These days the net is giving me a lot of is a broadband connection but it works like a net-with-tortoise-pace !!

Just managed to clear out the clothes, toys in the rooms and sweep the house. Put Aadu's clothes in the machine; washed 3 t-shirts by hand; and realised how long it had been since the last time I did that!!

Went to pick up son and then did the usual stuff with him....basically lunching and listening to some school related banter...and then put him to sleep.

Evening was relaxed with just a few vessels to clean. Dinner was also an easy affair.
Ended the day with 'Princess Diary 2' ....not the full movie but just the first 30 minutes.

Lets see how day-3 a little worked up about tomorrow as I have to go to a friends house in the morning (she had a baby daughter & I was going to see the little baby). Should finish lunch making etc before 10 AM !!

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