Friday, March 5, 2010


Moring was rushed……dropped off the little one and scampered home to have breakfast and make lunch and bathe, look good and then leave for Y’s house to see he little baby girl.
Lunch-I decided to make a one-dish lunch….so that I save on time. I made Veg-pulao with carrots, French beans and green peas. It’s an all time favorite in our home. I left the boondi-raita and papads for later; anyways they don’t take more than 5 minutes to put together.
Rushed in to check what I was going to wear and realized that it needed ironing…..grrrrrrrrrrrrr…..I ironed the dress with some extra energy thanks to the anger brewing inside my head for not doing enough preparations earlier.

Off to Y's home...and the baby is ohhhhhhhhh soooooooo cute and after I saw her I realised how much my own baby had grown !! When I got to speak to Amol; he said the said that 'good atleast now you will feel that you have done enough with Aadu' !!
As though that is going to stop me from being the fussy mom !!

After lunching and playing and generally talking .... put Aadu to sleep and then relaxed a bit; then evening there was sweeping plus there were a mountain of clothes to be folded. Still have not started the ironing routine....I think I'll just offload that part to the laundry downstairs....but he charges 1 RM or so for each piece !! But will soon have to think of something coz the to-be-ironed shelf is overflowing !!

Son had some homework so did that....
vessels were waiting to be washed....but i just left them there...will see tomorrow morning.

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Trish said...

Hey Neelum,Thanks for stopping by my blog..
you seem to be managing quite well,without the maid..pat on your back!!
I love making pulavs too..soo quick and easy and full of veggies too.And Boondi raita for me is the ultimate comfort food!hehee