Thursday, August 20, 2009

Giving up milk tea & Diet Coke

I have been wanting to give up milk tea ever since I learnt that adding milk to tea negates most of its health benefits .I am a great fan of milk tea and I just couldn't do without my morning "doodh cha".

Since yesterday I haven't been drinking milk tea....yes, it is too early to say that I have given up milk tea completely...I might just change my mind. Yesterday I replaced my morning "dudh cha" with black tea, ginger & a dash of lemon.It, in fact,tasted quite good but I still missed it in the afternoon while I was facebooking. Another benefit for me when I drink black or green tea is that when I don't add milk,I skip the sugar as well.

Another thing that both of us are trying to quit are diet drinks.We often drink Coke Zero when we go out to eat and even at home when we decide to snack during night. The last three days I have been free of diet drinks or any kinds of artificial drinks.Just a while ago I drank fresh coconut water and oh it had such a refreshing taste!

Giving up diet drinks is easier because it is a habit that I had developed recently whereas milk tea has been a staple in my diet since many years.

Monday, August 17, 2009

I loved this ...

For all those people out there who love Indian Hand Printed stuff in Indian colours and combinations...this is the site for you.

They have everything from bed covers, pillow covers, duvet covers, tablecloths, table runners, curtains etc.

I loved each and every product and every print that they have. Loved the colours....
I want to buy it all !!!
God give me some money !!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

What is your work-out time?

When do you work-out? Do you have a fixed time? Do you stick to it like an ant to a candy?
Do you change and shuffle your work-out time? Do you work out as-and-when you get the time? Do you exercise according to your energy levels?
Do you exercise daily or alternate days?

Too many questions...but they all are valid; and most importantly they all have very interesting answers. Just try asnwering all of these questions...and you'll know what I am saying !!
Well let me share my answers...
1) I don't
2) No
3) No
4) No
5) No
6) No

Now some of you may accuse me of being lazy, of not giving my health the importance it demands...
Say what you want girls...I know what I am doing......I am doing......Nothing !!!

I face the difficult task of changing or for starts chalking out my work-out time based on certain events and their out comes.

1) has my son gone to school?
2) have I done enough preparation for hubby's tiffin so that I can rush off to the gym and still get back and pack off those garama-garam phoolkaas?
3) is it the maid's day of coming over?
4) is it the milkman's day of delivering milk?
5) did I sleep well last night, so that I am able to keep myself from hollering at every word that ano one says to me?

These and more events are to be taken care of before I even chart out my work-out time.
I wonder how some ladies (and some of you) manage to stick to one time throughout?

I want to work-out......honestly I want to.....
some one please help !!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Off to school or not...

I have been keeping my son at home since this Monday. There are ever increasing number of people being diagnosed with H1N1, then there were some frantic calls from friends telling me not to send Aadi to school as there were some un-confirmed cases of students being affected.
I am worried about the situation.
My son fell ill on 30th of July after coming back from school, he had a mild fever and a cough, a runny nose. We took him to the doctor etc and the medication was started. Surprisingly he was not given any antibiotics as the fever was low grade and the runny nose and cough would eventually go off on it's own with the help of some medication.
He was completely well since last Wednesday, but the cough was still there, so I thought it would be wiser to keep him home rather than to send him off to school and put other kids at risk.
So all in all it's become a long break for Aadi who is enjoying it fully !!
We're also doing some letter-tracing and other activities to keep him in tough with school stuff.

Each evening we discuss about our plan for the next day....
Off to school...or not....