Thursday, August 20, 2009

Giving up milk tea & Diet Coke

I have been wanting to give up milk tea ever since I learnt that adding milk to tea negates most of its health benefits .I am a great fan of milk tea and I just couldn't do without my morning "doodh cha".

Since yesterday I haven't been drinking milk tea....yes, it is too early to say that I have given up milk tea completely...I might just change my mind. Yesterday I replaced my morning "dudh cha" with black tea, ginger & a dash of lemon.It, in fact,tasted quite good but I still missed it in the afternoon while I was facebooking. Another benefit for me when I drink black or green tea is that when I don't add milk,I skip the sugar as well.

Another thing that both of us are trying to quit are diet drinks.We often drink Coke Zero when we go out to eat and even at home when we decide to snack during night. The last three days I have been free of diet drinks or any kinds of artificial drinks.Just a while ago I drank fresh coconut water and oh it had such a refreshing taste!

Giving up diet drinks is easier because it is a habit that I had developed recently whereas milk tea has been a staple in my diet since many years.

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