Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Off to school or not...

I have been keeping my son at home since this Monday. There are ever increasing number of people being diagnosed with H1N1, then there were some frantic calls from friends telling me not to send Aadi to school as there were some un-confirmed cases of students being affected.
I am worried about the situation.
My son fell ill on 30th of July after coming back from school, he had a mild fever and a cough, a runny nose. We took him to the doctor etc and the medication was started. Surprisingly he was not given any antibiotics as the fever was low grade and the runny nose and cough would eventually go off on it's own with the help of some medication.
He was completely well since last Wednesday, but the cough was still there, so I thought it would be wiser to keep him home rather than to send him off to school and put other kids at risk.
So all in all it's become a long break for Aadi who is enjoying it fully !!
We're also doing some letter-tracing and other activities to keep him in tough with school stuff.

Each evening we discuss about our plan for the next day....
Off to school...or not....

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