Thursday, August 13, 2009

What is your work-out time?

When do you work-out? Do you have a fixed time? Do you stick to it like an ant to a candy?
Do you change and shuffle your work-out time? Do you work out as-and-when you get the time? Do you exercise according to your energy levels?
Do you exercise daily or alternate days?

Too many questions...but they all are valid; and most importantly they all have very interesting answers. Just try asnwering all of these questions...and you'll know what I am saying !!
Well let me share my answers...
1) I don't
2) No
3) No
4) No
5) No
6) No

Now some of you may accuse me of being lazy, of not giving my health the importance it demands...
Say what you want girls...I know what I am doing......I am doing......Nothing !!!

I face the difficult task of changing or for starts chalking out my work-out time based on certain events and their out comes.

1) has my son gone to school?
2) have I done enough preparation for hubby's tiffin so that I can rush off to the gym and still get back and pack off those garama-garam phoolkaas?
3) is it the maid's day of coming over?
4) is it the milkman's day of delivering milk?
5) did I sleep well last night, so that I am able to keep myself from hollering at every word that ano one says to me?

These and more events are to be taken care of before I even chart out my work-out time.
I wonder how some ladies (and some of you) manage to stick to one time throughout?

I want to work-out......honestly I want to.....
some one please help !!!!


Swati said...

hahhaha..aren't we all the same :)

Malina said...

hahah....we r actually.I am also very lazy about my workout schedule....the determination is just not there most of the time.But the few times that I saw the scale moving (in the desired direction),I was extremely motivated.