Saturday, April 2, 2016

Things kids do & say

Last week, I was a bit unwell and was feeling tired and hungry in the evening. I called my older son, and told him to bring me something to eat. Condition was that no cooking was involved & no cutting. I allow him supervised access to the stove-top & chopping anything.
So he went and made me a sandwich, it was delicious & simple with unconventional ingredients going into it. Here is what he made: 2 slices of bread, plain yoghurt speard on them, a slice of cheese between them. Some tomato-chilly ketchup. This was plates with a fist full of roasted peanuts.
It was a tasty snack, that served to satiate my hunger pangs.
I really loved how he used his imagination to make something that he's never eaten or seen!

The second incident is about my younger son, who just turned 5.
We were watching a famous Marathi song, which showed innumerable fireflies appearing during the course of the song. He asked me what they were. I replied 'they are insects and are called fireflies'.
To which he immediately asked, 'are they hot?'
We had a hearty laugh at his honest and innocent question.
Oh, yes I did explain to him, why they were called so and why they are not hot to touch.