Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Update Holi-Celebrations

This is an update to yesterday that was 'Day-1 Minus Maid'.

In the evening the beautiful ladies of the condo got together for a superb talk-over-tea meet; and the food was aaa-haaa !! Mouthwatering and pure yummmmmm.
What's a Holi-party without any colors right??? So yessssssss there was plenty of color and we had such fun smearing color on one another !! The children also joined in and had their share of fun and running around.
It was Aadu's first time with colors on Holi; prior to this I would just use the haldi-kumkum as colors to let him the know the significance of color in the celebration of Holi.

Mid way through the play I asked him 'Aadu are you having fun?' He answered in affirmative; but when he saw more color on his friends faces he asked me to take him home for a bath !!! Remember this is the kid who can't stand a speck of dust on him or around him.

Went home gave him a shower; all the color came running down....then was my turn but I remembered there were door-mats to be rinsed and put to dry. So brush in hand; shower full on; I scrubbed the mats as clean as I could and as much as my strain-challenged arm muscles would allow. Quick shower and then slomppppppppp onto bed !!! Gosh I was tired........

Did not make dinner....Aadu wanted to eat Idli; so Papa was going to pack dinner for all. What a savior that was....I was really too tired to make anything.
Even then...could not finish dinner in good cheer; went to sleep zzzzzzzzzz

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