Saturday, February 28, 2009

At last

I have been planning to put up some art-work, and a few picture frames for more than 3 weeks, or shall we say weekends..
Well today I finally got A to get going and help put them all up.
Here is proof:

This is my bathroom mirror, I stuck some jelly-stars on it to just spice up the white and bland canvas.

Here is a close up of the same mirror

This was something we had bought in Singapore from Ikea, and had not put this up in this house yet. I put this in the master bedroom, facing the before I doze off and when I wake up I can see this picture with the cool blue colours.

This is another corner of the master bedroom, The big one with three photographs was clicked at a professional photo studio, again in SG, and we had not put it up yet. The two picture on the adjacent wall are kind of motivational (more of that later in another post). The two smaller ones are of my in-laws on the left and my family on the right.

This art work is actually a Warli-painting done by my Mom, I love the green, red and the white figures on it. This I put up in the guest room. This piece we placed according to the center of the bed, we could not go by the position of the lamp because the lamp's position defies all logic. Below the lamp, you notice a brown frame like thing....that is a long mirror (not ours) so we have not touched it.

Finally this one is the Living room, this is the dining area.

Now that the photos, and art-work is up on the walls, I have realised that I don't like bare walls. Some personal artifacts do warm up the place and make it really feel like home :)

I have been to many expat homes and was often appalled by the bare walls, their reason being that they did not want to have nails on the walls and spoil the house...the landlord may create a scene while checking out.
My reason for bare walls (in this house) till now was laziness.

Hey but I did not put a single nail through any of the walls, I used the wall hooks by 3M, and also a new product called 'Picture Hanging Strips'. This is an amazing product, and what it basically is that it has pairs of strips, that are coated on one side by a plastic-Velcro and on the other side by the adhesive. So when you stick one strip to the wall, and the other strip matching the position onto the frame, you later just Velcro the two strips together. And BINGO !! you have frames on the wall minus the nails.

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