Friday, February 13, 2009

My to-do list

Today was a stick to to-do-list-day. I have to get these things done TODAY !!
Well it's not too big a list but still it is a 9-item to-do list.
1. Write to FIL for A's medicines
2. Pay water bill
3. Fix date for Astro installation
(It's got nothing to do with astrology !! the sole cable company here is called Astro)
4. Check payment transfer status
5. Find Camera USB cable and Sony phone charger
6. Work on list
(I am trying to help A with some of his mountain of work)
7. Email for Mangala
(Mangala is my maid, and she is a refugee here, and wants me to write to my friends in other countries to hire her through the UN Refugee office)
8. Email a friend who is supposed to come home for lunch/dinner tomorrow that we should postpone it coz it struck me only today that tomorrow is the 14th !!!
9. Call Aadu's Paediatric for tomorrow's appointment.
Tomorrow marks the 6-months to Aadu's OHS, so just want to show him to the Doc and get his opinion on his weight!! And most importantly instructions for school etc.

Out of all the above I have done all except two. Number 5 and 6.
I wasted my entire morning working through drawers and cupboards in every room, at the same time using this opportunity to tidy them as well. But those two things are no where to be seen !! The camera USB should be in Aadu's toy room that's the only room that has not gone under the radar; and the Sony Hand phone charger...well the phone first of all is 5 years old, what's worse is that it's not working !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The last time I must have used the charger was more than 4 years ago !! How am I expected to know where it is?? I know I keep my things in order and know where most of my stuff is, but 4 years of "Out of sight" has definitely made it "out of mind". And I have zero hopes of retrieving it.

Well it's now 4:45 PM and I have enough time to do Item no. 6.

When we went down to the management office to complete items 2 & 3, we carried some juice to sip by the poolside...good idea? NO VERY BAD IDEA !!
Here's what happened: While I was paying up and fixing up the date, Aadu decides to peel off the plastic from the straw that is attached to the juice tetra pack. In doing so he a small piece of that plastic gets stuck in his throat and we leave the office in a hurry, to the passage leading up to the pool, he is coughing, throwing up a bit...I am trying to ease his agony...and finally it is out, and Aadu manages a weak "Mamma I am OK".......
Then knowing the clean-bean that I am (well of sorts) I ask the man (he is the owner of the small shop that is near the office) to help me find some water, and he runs off to find me a bucket. OK Bucket in hand...but water? He says "water in bathroom madam"...well I may be living here but I don't know the bathroom near the management office!! So he offers to fetch it for me (Bless his soul). So now water in bucket and bucket in hand I get to cleaning the little mess as best as I can. That done, and suddenly Aadu spots his favourite Milo in the shop. So we go in and buy it along with a small (est) pack of Cheezels.
So now after the drama mom and son are relaxing on by the pool-side, and sipping on Milo etc. After some Milo has entered his system son is in a mood to pose and asks me to click, so we got some cute and funny shots !! Shall upload on facebook !!

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