Sunday, February 15, 2009

Oh what a day and what a night.....

Yesterday the 14th of Feb

While most people were celebrating V-day, we three were heading to Pantai Medical Center just to say Hi to Aaditya's doc, and have a general check up. It was a good hour and half before our turn came, and even though we had a mental list of what we had to discuss with the doc, we ended up missing out 2 points !!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....
OK the good news is that all's well with Aadi and the doc told us not to fuss about his weight and instruction to be given to school as it might lead to a situation where the teachers get too careful with Aadi and restrict his play etc. Now that his 6-month total recovery period has passed, he is as fit as any other kid his age; and has no restriction what so ever now. We agreed with the doc on this account and decided not to tell too caution the teachers again and again, we have spoken to the vice principal and he said we should speak to the class teachers on day-1 of school. So that will happen only in April.

After Pantai we went hunting for the '100 yens' store in PJ, we had to do a bit of looping around the same roads to locate it but once we got there it seemed to be an easy location to find. It is a very small shop compared to the 'Daiso' in SG, but it had some Bento stuff which I bought.

We came home around 2 PM, then lunched, watched some episodes of the 'Monk' series-1.

I put Amol with the task of finding a good layout for Aadi's blog, I din't like any of the blogspot themes and switching to wordpress is like being a traitor to google...which I am not going to do!!
So he searched the WWW for free templates, but we still din't find anything that we like!!

Late evening we watched 'Hidalgo' a movie that Amol wanted us to see together, he loved it when he saw it so wanted us to see too. We liked it a lot, and while the movie was on, I was trying to write a blog-post with very little progress.

I knew I had to do my daily post and also start my blog about Aaditya. But the laptop and Internet were both not on my side. I stayed up till 2:30 AM trying frantically to get my laptop to run FASSSTTT but it was just now budging, coz for two days it's been busy burning some DVDs!! poor thing must have been exhausted ;)
Amol's laptop is so slowwwwwwwwwwwww that you can start explorer, enter your website name, and go and have a stroll around the house, but still it will not load the site fully. It's not THAT bad, but yesterday it seemed to be on 'vacation'.

Anyways, Aaditya's blog will be up today for sure.

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