Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Amazing kid of mine...

Today after the regular tooth-brush routine, I sent Aadu to wipe his face while I busied myself with my tooth-brush. While I try to get to the tooth right at the back, I hear an impatient 'Mamma...mamma...look at me..' I turn and look at him to convey that it is not the best time to call for me; but then I notice the clothes in his hands, he has brought his pooh-shirt and a coloured shorts, and then tells me 'mamma, I got my day-clothes'. !!!
I ask him to wait but he is really impatient ...so he goes to the room and takes off his night dress shirt and wears his pooh-shirt !!!!!!!! ON HIS OWN !!!!!!!!!! Wow I was grinning with the froth and the tooth-brush still in my mouth !!
Then he wears his shorts (this he has been doing for 1.5 years almost)
I was super impressed with him, and sent up a silent prayer of Thank you to my friend in heaven for sending me Aadu :)

I am hoping to have a little something special for the 14th of this month, as it will mark the 6 months to his surgery; I am thinking of doing a blog-book writing about the entire experience that we had as a family, special focus on me the mother and Aadu for enduring all that. What say? Should I do the blog-book?
Blog-book coz it will have limited entries...or should I make it an on-going blog?
Suggestions please!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Ongoing blog please...

Anonymous said...

Book-blog? Blog-book? Just write and we will read!