Monday, February 23, 2009

Our Saturday

(Aadu at 'our-spot' at the Lake Gardens)

Plan for this weekend was to do the outings on Saturday and then chill at home on Sunday. But we did the exact opposite !!
On Saturday, we did our usual ritualistic visit to the lake gardens, where Aadu and Papa had a game of cricket (now wait...they tried to would be more apt) ...Aadu got some pearls of cricket-wisdom from his dad. I plonked myself on the mat and drove my hands down the bag and fished out my neatly packed bottle of nail-polish-remover and cotton squares !!! Amol was so shocked when he saw this...he was like 'did u come here to do THISSS?' well 'yes' I said and continued to rub my nails ;)
I also had my February issue of O Magazine, and just when I was thinking of getting it out, the grass-cutters decided to make it more noisier for us !! Can you imagine, chopping off grass with those noisy chopper on a Saturday morning when there are a lot of families at the lake gardens to relax, play and chill??? It drove me MAD. We decided to go to take our butts to another green spot, but decided against it and just went to the car and drove off to Amol's office, he had to pick up his laptop, and some other stuff.
While at his office, I noticed that his cabin looked pretty shabby, so the "good girl" in me voiced herself, by offering to straighten-up his work place !! He obviously was overjoyed with the God-sent offer and accepted at once. I got to work, threw off some very old magazines, calendars etc and stacked things in 3 categories. Then explained to him what the stacks were (Don't want him calling me on Monday morning..'where the hell did you keep xyz?') !!
After office, it was time to drop off our Singapore bus/train cards etc at Anand's place in Taman Desa. Aadu and I stayed in the car coz the little one decided to take a nap.
Back home, very hungry, cooked some palak-daal and rice and sat back and saw a couple of episodes from Monk's second season.
We did not yet again put up the photos on the walls !!
I was pestering the two A's to go to Ikea, but they did not budge !!
So Sunday had a lot of carry-over activities.
All of our Sunday in the next post with photos !! Coming up by evening....

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