Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Paper clips

This Sunday (I know I have to do a write up about the entire day and the mall-hopping) we went to 'The Curve'; and specifically to the 'Daiso' store located on the 2nd floor. First of all let me just tell you that I like this mall, because it is spacious, not too crowded, has plenty of seating to plonk onto when one is tired from all the window gazing.
Well now back to Daiso, the store is a 5 RM store; meaning that all products are priced the same at 5 RM. The Daiso stores in Singapore have a flat rate of 2 SGD; which means that the Malaysian store-products turn out to be slightly expensive than the Singapore ones.
The store is also much smaller compared to the Daiso in IMM Mall @ Jurong in SG. Product wise also SG stock is more.
But none the less, Daiso is Daiso...I enjoyed myself in the store. It is stocked with amazing goodies, stationary, car-stuff, gardening, photo frames, tools, cleaning tools, brushes, sponges, cleaning liquids, laundry bags for every kind of clothing imaginable, hangers, beauty products, kitchen ware, crockery, plates, neck ties, belts, etc. etc.
As you may know I have a fetish for stationary, and can not leave a stationary store without buying something. So the same thing happened at Daiso, where I saw these amazing paper clips, more like small wooden clasps or clamps or pegs, like the one we use for holding the laundry in place when we put it out to dry.
These are made of wood, and have cute animal faces on the front side. I loved them immediately, and had to buy them. I am going to use it to clamp together some sheets of paper. I love them...I love them.....

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Smita said...

"Daisco" stores seem like the $1 stores we have here.You get some good stuff there.Esp stuff which u need for the house but dont want to spend too much for the same in other stores.These store are good for platic stuff,party items,decorations.Recomended not to buy chemicals or any consumable stuff from here.