Tuesday, March 31, 2009


lots to tell you all...so sit back, relax, get a cup of tea (Sonie), others can have coffee ;)

OK where do I begin?....hmmm....hmmm
I'll just write it as it comes to my mind, never mind the exact sequence of events...

The Earth Hour - last Saturday at 8:30 PM.
I had made a mental note of the time and had also decided not to go out that evening, for the fear that if we were in a mall, and they switch off the lights !!!!
The day went by with the normal weekend activities and by evening I was aching to tidy up Aadi's toy room, actually the room was not in such a bad shape, but the book shelf was the messy part with paints, crayons, bubble-makers, craft paper, books, puzzles all mixed up and just cramped up in the shelves. I went in to tidy the room, and in about 15 minutes I realized that I had to switch off the lights....so off I went and switched off all the lights in the house...but.......I kept the toy-room light on as I just had to ...had to finish tidying it up. A little bit of cheating !!
Hubby dear was stuck to his laptop trying to finish off some work.
After I finished the room, I went about lighting some candles, so that my son gets used to what their purpose is other than blowing off on top of the birthday cake.
We then went to the window and sang some songs....it reminded me of the times when there were power cuts and we would all play 'antakshari'. We even had a game called 'dark-room' or something like that. In this game we (kids then) would gather in the terrace of our building and bring some sheets from home. Like in hide-and-seek, one person takes the den and the others hide under the sheets. The other person has to identify all hiders without moving the sheets.
Believe me it is very spooky for the den-person....but it was fun !!
OK back to the no-power time with Aadi. He enjoyed the candle light, and he did ask me if he could blow them off. Amol played a spoil-sport and went in the bedroom, switched on the light and continued to work away on the laptop. But he did come out 10 minutes before the Earth Hour ended.
In KL, the twin-tower also shut off their lights, many activities were taking place during the Earth Hour, and lots and lots of people did switch off their lights.

Last week I got the wonderful news that my brother was coming over for the F1. I have planned some outings with him, tidied up the house, asked the maid to come in daily etc etc...and so much more to do.

Sunday we finally bought an electric rice cooker, I had wanted a small one, 1-2 Liters, but they were out of stock!! We went to Jusco and not Carrefour, which I think was a mistake only for the cooker part, coz they (Carrefour) has a good stock. Anyways, along with the rice cooker, I bought some Disney T-shirts for Aadu and my cousin Atharva. I also found some very cute stuff for baby Arya.
After spending the first few hours in the Electrical and Clothes section, we headed to the food court for lunch. We had some amazing Thai red-chili Chicken and black-pepper chicken, followed by a fruit plate and another round of fried rice (I did not get to eat this as hubby gobbled it up).
There is an interesting story to the fried rice....listen....i mean read on....
After I bought the fruit plate, I headed to the 'small wok' stall for some chicken-rice. I selected a honey-vinegar chicken and rice, it cost me 8.79 RM. I waited and waited and waited...but the order would not come through, the Chinese lady behind the counter kept giving me apologetic smiles, but I ignored her only to enjoy the performance of the Tepanyaki chef in the next stall. He was juggling his knives around, and was adding the spices with great amount of animation. Now I was so engrossed in his performance, that I did not realise how long I was at that stall waiting for my chicken rice...I went back to our table to check on Aadu who was napping, since he was awake I decided to take him to the stall to collect the chicken-rice. We again waited for like 10 minutes, and finally the dish was out, but it looked nothing like the one in the picture on the menu....I did not bother to confront her as I knew hubby was already boiling with rage and hunger at the table. As soon as we dug into the dish we realized that it was horrible...hubby was super upset, and asked me to go and return the dish and ask for refund....I did not go...so off he went and got the fried rice in exchange.....and while he was there another person also came to complain about his dish. The lady apologised by saying that they were short on staff.

Anyways.....once the fried rice was on the table, Aadu decided that he had enough of the fruit-plate and pulled me to the 'dinosaur-shop', it is not a toy shop, but just one section of the mall above the 'Kidz-zone' is done up in the Dinosaur theme. There was a small party-shop with some lovely costumes and party essentials. We got ready to leave the shop and Amol came from the food court so I did not get to eat the rice :( :(

OK then we went down to the ground floor to the vegetable and market section of Jusco. We bought some stuff and were happy to see Aadi participate in selecting the tomatoes. He even picked up a pack of mushrooms and put it in the cart !!

All things bought...and at the payment-counter. Amol was paying the bill and the following conversation took place between me and Aadu.

Aadu: Mumma ha konta Khan ahe? = which Khan is this?
He asked pointing to a very handsome man in a red t-shirt.

Me not knowing what to say...and utterly shocked at his observation and question.
Me: I don't know....why don't you tell me which Khan he is.

Aadu: He is Aamir Khan.

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