Thursday, March 5, 2009

Not just another home...mind you..

This is the bachelor pad of my good friend Jeevan.
Jeevan is an Enginner from PICT and an MBA from SIBM. He currently lives in Bangalore, and has recently taken it upon himself to making his home his shrine.
When he told me this, I was not expecting what I saw in the photographs that he sent me. I was/am super impressed at his neatness, his choice of colours, his attention to detail.
Don't believe me? Well see for yourself...

This is the living room. Notice the colour coordinated sheet and cushion covers, the brown sofa and rug goes so well with the orange. It looks warm and inviting to me.

Here is his bedroom. It is neat, can you actually believe the guys' shelf being so nicely stacked? Mine starts off like that and ends up all topsy-turvey!! Well getting back to Jeevan's home. I loves the green pillow & the matching sheets. Also notice the nicely folded blanket at the foot of the bed.

Jeevan is a health conscious guy, so you get to see the gym-ball near the bed and the white board.
I wonder what he writes on the white board though .....

In this photo you get the full view of the shelf area. You can also see the curtain at the entrance to this ain't it? How cool is that!!! And I could get used to man who can make a bed that nice ;) I meant the crease-less bed sheet naughty are we!!

The room with a view... That is somehow very common to anyone from the green (well it used to be) city of Pune. We (from Pune) need our greenery, and some view. Again the window curtain is also green. I just love this tinge of green, it's just so fresh and cool.

Way to go Jeevan boy!!!

For all those who want details of Jeevan, you know where to mail me. If there is enough demand, I will put up a photo of Jeevan, and let me warn you he is GOOD LOOKING!!
So all you married girls will have to send off husband darlings to office and then drool over my friend ;)

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