Friday, March 13, 2009

Fats you should never eat -- and how to cheat on them

This article has been specially written for me....that's what I felt when I read it first !!
I like food with Fat in them, but I never knew I could cheat and eat them !!

So if you are like me and like your biscuits, cakes, pizzas, mitahi, deep fried on and know how you can indulge without the GUILT !!

1. Fats you get from red and processed meat

How to cheat on them:
Eat them as your first meal or after your post-workout meal. Eat these once a week, provided you follow the four key principles (see next chapter) and exercise 3 hours a week. Never combine a bad fat with a high GI food; say rice and meat, or biryani. All biryani lovers, save your feast for Eid!

2. Fat in deep-fried food (pakoras, samosas, bhujia etc)
How to cheat on them:
Eat first thing in the morning. Halve your first meal and have it along with this. Otherwise have as a meal by itself in the later afternoon, but restrict to only one. Do not eat a mithai with your snack! You can enjoy one of these, once a week, but only if you're eating correctly all six days and working out at least three hours a week. Don't reuse the oil once you have deep-fried with it.
Tip: Avoid deep-fried food at large parties, because they are usually deep-fried twice.

3. Mithai, especially made of nuts
How to cheat on them:
Eat as a meal by itself. Have it an hour and a half after your lunch. You could also have it first thing in the morning. But don't mix it with your regular food.

4. Biscuits
How to cheat on them:
Eat them when you've done a very long, strenuous physical activity like trekking, 2 or more hours of shopping. In regular life, restrict to once a week!

5. Cakes and pastries
How to cheat on them:
If you can't bear to give up your favourite chocolate pastry, you're in for good news. Have it first thing in the morning. Don't replace your nutritious meal with your pastry, but have it in addition to it. Croissant lovers go ahead. But don't indulge yourself more than once or twice a month.

6. Pizzas
How to cheat on them:
1 slice (we're talking fast food pizza) and as a meal by itself. Perfect for after a long, boring meeting.

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