Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Zunairah's first independent play date

Yesterday Zunairah,my energetic preschooler,had a play date with her friend Ashita & it was her first play date without me.Zunairah knows Ashita quite well & is also familiar with her parents who have become good friends of ours.I dropped her at Ashita's place around four o' clock in the afternoon and stayed for some time to see whether she was okay with me going away. I told her that I would come back exactly two hours later and her nanny would be with her. She smiled and seemed okay with the arrangement.

I later learnt from Archana (Ashita's mum) that they were a bit stiff with each other in the beginning but later they started enjoying themselves & started to play with puzzles & and toy kitchen sets.They then had snacks & went to the playground for outdoor play.After half an hour of outdoor play I was there to pick Zunairah up and take her home. I had a small chat with Ashita's mum and then Ashita's dad dropped all of us home.

Zunairah said that she had really enjoyed the playdate and she would want another very soon. I think play dates are great for kids of Zunairah's age because it teaches them social skills . Kids also learn that the environment & rules in each household is different.

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