Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Puran Poli - my first try at making them

The stuffed Puran-Poli

Yours' truly very busy and concentrating hard

The yummy sweet goodie - a well roasted puran-poli

The tempered-milk that we eat the puran-poli with

This Holi, I wanted to make it home-like for my son. Do everything (well most or better some things) that we did at home in India.
The day of Holi is a busy day, filled with the Puja, but before the Puja one has to make the 'Naivaidya' (offering) in the form of Puran-polis.
The puran-poli is offered to the Holi fire that is lighted in the evening.

Now the Puran-poli is basically a stuffed Chapati/paratha. The stuffing is made of Chana-daal, jaggery, and Elaichi (cardamom). The Poli/Chapati/Paratha is made using a dough mixture of wheat, refined flour, a bit of salt and lots of oil. Ofcourse water is the main thing in mixing the dough.

This Puran-poli is stuffed and roasted like any other stuffed paratha and some may choose to use 'ghee' (clarified butter) to roast them.

These are eaten with warm milk. This milk is tempered with 'saunf', 'elaichi' and even a clove. Jaggery is mixed in it once it is off the flame (or else the milk could curdle).

My favourite way of eating a Puran-poli is eating it the next morning, again heating it with a bit of 'ghee'. Yummmmmmmmmm ...I am already drooling :P

Well I made the Puran-polis all right, but we could not attend the Holi-fire and Puja at the Lakshminarayana Temple as the rain Gods decided to pay us a roaring visit.

Anyways, I am happy with the baby-step I took to make a Indian festival look authentic to my 3 year old. Maybe next year I will be able to make it more like the one back home.


Swati said...

Where is the recipe ?

Smita said...

Hey Neelum the Puran Poli's look really yummy !!!!
I heard the first time about eating Kadhi with the Poli.At my place my mom would make "Katachi Amti" using a bit of Puran and the water from top after cooking the Chana Dal.And offcourse who can forget the boiled Potato Bhaji.

PG said...

wow! what a lovely way of celebrating Holi. yummy!