Saturday, March 21, 2009

Best loved toys in our home

With two kids to look after,a very busy spouse and a house to run,I don't get much time to keep my children's toys well-organised ( seriously need some tips on toy storage & management!). However,toys are an inseparable part of my life and I believe in its power and magic to enrich childhood.
Here are some of the best loved toys in our home at the moment:

  • Easel (double sided with black board on one side & whiteboard on the other side):This is popular with both my toddler (2+) and my preschooler (4). My toddler loves scribbling on the whiteboard and he talks while he scribbles.The only problem arises when he decides to use the walls as his canvas.......

  • Miniature taxis are very popular with my much so that he doesn't leave home without them.He is always carrying atleast one in his hands when we go out.

  • Zunairah's pink scooter,tricycle and ride-on are also well-loved by both the kids. Since the ride-on accommodates two kids, a lot of pretend play is centred around it. They wheeze through traffic and go to the malls to do their weekly shopping!
  • Remote controlled car is Nayaz's favourite and keeps him busy.

  • Baking set:I mix flour with water & and let Zunairah play with the baking set.She enjoys cutting various shapes from the dough and Nayaz also joins in.
  • Breakfast set: Oh I just love this toy because my kids go crazy over this contains toaster,playfoods such as bread,teacups and teapot.The toaster even has a timer and the set comes with a table and two tools.I use this table for their pretend baking play as well. My kids compel me to join in this game and they make toasts and tea for me.

  • Barbie playset with swimming pool: My kids adore this toy because playing with this involves water.They usually play with this this toys beside the pool because when they play it indoors it becomes quite messy.This toy really sparks their imagination and they bring along plastic fishes and other dolls to make the play more interesting.

  • Fingerpaints & other art & craft materials: Nayaz loves fingerpaints and I usually give him a big sheet of paper to paint.He seems very absorbed during fingerpainting and it seems to have a soothing effect on him. Zunairah now is into more complicated art and craft materials such as glitter glue (somehow the glitter ends up on Nayaz's eyelids) & sequins.
  • Legos & Blocks: I think Legos & blocks are perennial favourites of most kids & my children are no exception. I have the Duplo set which is for children in the age group 1.5-4 years old but I think Zunairah may be ready for the next level.

    My kids' play is however not limited to these toys...sometimes something as simple as a shoebox is also enough to spark their imagination.


Neelum said...

Amazing post Malina !!
I must say I had been thinking of a toy-related post, but I'm sure I would not be able to do a better one than you !!
In my house, the 2-way board, lego-blocks, laptops, cars, dvd-player (now..wait that does not qualify as a toy!! but what to do...), kitchen utensils, paints and colors in all forms, off lately glue, scissors are hot favorites. Water tops this list any day. It can be in the form of a bath, shower, tub-play, or best the baby-pool.

Malina said...

Thanks Neelum.Zunairah loves scissors as well but I am not very keen on giving her scissors because they are dangerous for Nayaz.But I had read somewhere that it is good for preschoolers to handle scissors because it hones their motor skills.

Amolsledge said...

Hi malina,

It's nice to see the Big boy playing with the younger ones on the playtable.. keep it up.. Faisal..

Take care