Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pirate Party

Last year in December I decided to arrange a pirate theme for Nayaz's second birthday.Though Nayaz didn't understand much about pirates, Zunairah was very excited that she would get to wear an "eyepatch" & do treasure hunting.

I set about to prepare for the party about ten days in advance. I ordered pirate hat,eye patch & hook hand from an online store. After hunting for cake designs in renowned bakeries like Bengawan Solo & Hans I decided to order from a woman called Myssaliana whose cake designs I found very unique & creative (check out her cakes in her website I organized three games called "pop the balloon","put the eyepatch on the pirate" & "treasure hunting" for the kids.

For the treasure box I used a carton & colored it brown and cut three sides of it with a cutter so that it opened like a box.I then drew a lock & voila it did resemble a treasure box! I drew the treasure map on art paper & then soaked it into weak tea to make it look old and tore the sides.

On the day of the party I placed Zunairah's blackboard at the door saying "Ahoy Mates!Welcome to my Pirate Party" & I stuck a pirate flag (which I borrowed from a friend) on the board. Faisal & I decorated our place with black balloons with golden threads tied to them which went very well with the theme.
The birthday boy was dressed in a pirate dress complete with eyepatch & a bandanna which we had picked up from Early Learning Centre (ELC). However,our little pirate was not willing to keep the eyepatch & the bandanna and he took them off immediately.

Leo,who is a very good friend of Zunairah,has had a pirate party before & so I asked her parents to help me out during the party and they agreed happily.When the kids came in Antony,Leo's father, drew pirate tattooes on their hands.We also provided them with pirate hats,hook hands & eye patches. Antony also conducted the treasure hunt in which we took the kids to the playground for an exciting hunt.

I had decorated the table with gold coins & I made blue jell-o decorated with candy skulls. The food consisted of snacks & a main course of "pilau",mutton & veggies.

The party was a major hit & the children had loads of fun! The child who enjoyed the least was ironically the birthday boy because I think he was too young to understand the pirate theme!

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