Monday, March 2, 2009

Finally writing in

Just thought i would write a list of things that i have been upto while i havent been writing:
1. reading the blogs regularly - must say just love all the stuff Neelum writes about - i want to so meet up - hopefully it will be soon... and yes those paper clips are gorgeous.
2. taking driving lessons - the pass rate in London is the lowest in the country - so trying to get as many lessons before the test day.
3. managed to take on a part-time job - i just got a payslip in the mail - after three years it felt really nice to find something else other than bills in the mail - and ofcourse promptly spent some of my earnings on some interesting new toys for Mihir.
4. trying to play badminton - i must say i am finding it harder to get into the swing of things - have been battling stiff muscles - and well participated in the local badminton tournament and lost (so was disappointed in myself - not practising enough and zero fitness levels can only mean one thing).
5. had a long vacation in India - seven weeks - attended two weddings - that was pretty special - so now trying to shift all those extra kilos off my waist.
6. Trying to sort out various child care options - like baby sitters, nursery, friends, and hopefully i will manage to sort it all out.
Well it feels good to finally write in - the weather is getting better and i have finally got a well deserved night-in with Shrirang out to participate in a quiz and Mihir in his bed and work out of the way. Now i am just going to sip on some refreshing cool water and read a magazine and have an early night. And hope to write in more regularly now that i have got some elements of daily routine sorted out.

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Neelum said...

Welcome back !!