Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A note to all our readers

I have a few requests to make to our readers:

  • We have a good number of readers, our loyal pals, who spend their free time reading what we write. For them, I have introduced a 'Followers' section on the left side. You have to just sign in and we can have your picture or name on the blog.
  • When you read an article, please please please leave a comment. Tell us if you liked it, did not like it, any additions you wish to make, any links that you think are relevant, anything at all. This way we know what you all like, what you don't like and this will enable us to get better at it.
  • And yes, when you do leave comments, please leave your name in it. If we read comments from 'anonymous' we don't know who you are and we would love to know all our readers.
  • All your requests, ideas, critique, regarding the blog should be sent to: neelum@gmail.com

1 comment:

Smita said...

I follow the blod quite regularly and leave comments to offcourse with my name :-)