Monday, March 2, 2009

Vegetable Pattice

I made some Vegetable Pattice:
What you basically need: puff-pastry sheets (frozen), vegetable filling of your choice, a little butter and you are ready to go.
What I did for the filling was: boiled some potatoes, and made a basic potato-bhaji (dry vegetable) with some boiled peas, and a bit of Chaat Masala to add that surprise element.
Then you have to cut squares out of the pastry sheets, and then mark the diagonal, then place the filling close to the diagonal, then close in the square, forming a triangle. You may need to brush a little water along the edges just to seal off the Pattice. (I did not as I wanted a closed and open kind of pattice).

Bake it in the oven at 200 C for 25-30 minutes (go according to the temperature stated on your frozen puff-pastry sheet box). You may want to brush some butter on to the pattice before you set them in the oven. I did not do this as I was trying to not add more calories!!
But my pattice were quite nice on top, crisp, crunchy, actually just nice.

Here are some pictures to make you drool ;)


Sonia said...

hmm yummy - you should now open a cafe with all your creations - inspires me to have some breakfast

Smita said...

Your pictures have motivated me to make them right away.You can try making Karanji's too using the same sheets.

Malina said...

I wanna make this pronto! My kids are tired of the same snacks everyday!