Sunday, April 19, 2009

Some local magazines which I like

I find reading magazines is much easier when you are a busy mother than reading a novel. It requires less concentration and still gives you important information while satisfying your desire to read.
These are a few of my favourite magazines in Singapore:

  • Shape :I like this as it contains a wealth of information on health and exercise.I find the weightloss stories very inspiring and whenever I want to drop pounds I go through the weightloss stories to motivate myself to eat well & exercise. The exercises in some issues are quite "doable" but in some issues the equipments are too elaborate! They do a write-up on healthy eating joints which I find very helpful.

  • Young Parents :I think this magazine is a valuable resource for parents of babies,toddlers,preschoolers and school age children.Apart from its excellent articles on child development, it will give you information on everything going on in Singapore for children and at the back you can get a list of schools and enrichment centres areawise.

  • Singapore Child: I get this magazine free fortnightly from my daughter's preschool and some of the issues contain good articles on child development and what enrichment activities parents can do at home.

  • Women's Weekly: I don't read this magazine regularly but it can give you information which may turn out to be very handy. For example, I was on the lookout for facials which provide a good value for money and I found it here.This magazine also contains articles on child development where experts answer parent's questions.

There are ofcourse magazines like "Her World" & "Simply Her" which I haven't tried yet but would like to try in future.

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