Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Did I do the right thing? An email to Aaditya's Class Teacher

Reference : Aaditya Sawaikar KG-1 Daisy

Dear Teacher,

I am writing to you regarding my son Aaditya in your 'Daisy' class.

I am concerned about him crying when I/his dad come to drop him off to his class. I know it is too early and that eventually he will settle in and not cry; but I wish to draw your attention to some facts about him that will enable you to handle him better in a way that he will also love going to school.

1. Aaditya has attended 2 schools previously, one in Singapore and the second one is KL, Bangsar. Both followed the Montessori method. We chose GIIS only because it follows the same method.

2. In both previous schools, Aaditya was used to being greeted by his teachers who took him into class, welcomed him with a warm hug and assured him that he is going to have a great time while mommy was gone. He loved all his previous teachers and schools.

3. Aaditya has undergone an open heart surgery in August 2008. He is medically fit to attend school and carry on activities like any child his age. Why I am telling you this is because he has not been away from us (parents) since his surgery days. He has spent 5 days in the ICU, which were very horrifying for him as there were no family members allowed there. He may be seeing the current separation at his school in the same light as his experience at the hospital. That is why he needs more attention and love from his teachers, and they need to constantly make him feel safe and loved.

4. Aaditya needs to be told to eat his 'solid' snack before the drink is given to him. He by nature loves drinks, and then refuses the solids. I request the teacher to not hand him his drink until he has finished his solid food. He is a slow eater, so I also request the teacher to let him take his time in eating. Why I am stressing his eating is because of his surgery and we don't want him to lose weight, on which front he is already lower than average children his age.

5. Aaditya loves books, drawing, painting, dancing, singing. He is a very social boy, and makes friends very easily. He loves to entertain people around him. He is very loving and a joy to be around with. He listens to everyone who talks to him in a calm and soft voice. Due to his previous schools he is used to being treated with respect, where we have to talk to him by going down to his level and make eye contact with him.

In writing this email, my only concern is my son. I want him to enjoy his school days just like we have. Having studied in the best educational institutions in India I know what good schools and good teachers are, and having enrolled Aaditya in GIIS I am sure I have made the correct decision for him.

I would appreciate if the teacher gives me feedback about Aaditya, what I should do at home to make this school-going easier for him. After all you all are professionals in the education field. I welcome feedback, suggestions in all form.

Thanking you with warm regards,
Neelum Amol Sawaikar


Malina said...

A beautifully written letter,Neelum.As a mother nobody knows Aditya better than you, and you have provided valuable feedback to his teacher.Of course you did the right thing!As mothers,we have to make sure that our children enjoy school because otherwise they will never be in the right frame of mind to learn.

Manali said...

Great Letter neelum...
I always appreciate your writing skills.....
its so natural and i feel like you are talking to me....
Thats really great....

Offsourse you did the right thing....Teachers should know all these things....