Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Result of yesterday's letter

I went to drop off Aadu and there his teacher said she wanted to talk to me. I said I will wait outside so that she can come and talk when she is free. She came out in a couple of minutes and told me that she read my email and was really shocked to know about the surgery etc. She also said that the eating time is a good 45 minutes and that yesterday she had sat down with Aadi and made him finish his bread and cheese. She said all these facts about Aadi should have been told to her much earlier.
I was wondering when I should have done each morning the teachers are busy greeting the kids and one does not want to interfere with routines (especially now that the kids are getting used to a certain way). I feel a better and formal way of doing this would be to have a parent-teacher meeting one week before school starts. The parents can tell/inform the teacher about their child's previous schools, eating habits, what he/she enjoys doing etc and most importantly any health related issues. Better still would be to hand over a questionnaire to the parents to fill in, and these go directly to the teacher.
We did fill up a length and detailed admission form and also a 5-6 pager Medical Form. But looks like the school office has not shared this information with the class teacher.
I am going to prepare a brief write up about Aadi for all his future schools or classes within the same school; and hand it over to his class teacher on the 1st day of school.

I told her about not giving Aadi any 'special' attention, and that he should be treated as any other child in the class. Only thing is to make him feel welcome and safe in the class.

Chalo one thing has been taken care of and I feel like a burden has come off my head.


Smita said...

I am glad that you feel better after letting the teacher know about Aadu.
I am sure he will enjoy his new school

Swati said...

This is too good Neelum ..kudos to you for doing this. You are a wonderful mother

jaazoozzz said...

I hope Aadu is doing fine. The school office should have noted special instructions and medical information and instructed care givers and teachers. But luckily you had the presence of mind to write to the teacher and the teacher had the initiative to connect back. Communication is the essential part. Keep writing, good luck.