Monday, April 20, 2009

Again I have so much to tell....

Hey folks, I know I had again done the disappearing act....I might just turn into a magician very soon !!
But you know what...I had an amazing time these past days...firstly my brother was here from 3rd...and we had a great time with him....we went to watch the F1 at Sepang, and this was our first we were little prepared for the noise was very very very very very very noisy and very very very very very very LOUD...thankfully there were these beautiful babes with headphones, we bought one for Aadi, coz he was was most troubled by the noise and also coz the headphones cost a whopping 100 RM!!
We had tickets to the Mall Area which is supposed to be with a good view and is covered (read expensive..each ticket cost 500 RM) no no we did not pay that much....we found someone who gave us some amazing discounts on the tickets ;)
We went for the qualifying as well as the race day....more details and photos will follow in an exclusive F1 post !!

Around that same time a long lost friend of mine appeared on Orkut !! we were friends since Junior College, and it was so good to be back in touch....and actually I had been looking high and low for her, and then had given up thinking that if only she gets on to Orkut or Facebook do we have a chance of meeting up...and there she u Veda !!

Another major thing that happened in the past days is that Aaditya's school started and we had a super time getting him ready for school, I think we were more excited than him !!
We had some trouble with the school van: what happened was that on the 3rd day of school, the van was late and the driver (lady) dropped the kids only at the school gate and went off to drop the secondary school kids which is located away from the primary section. Now since they were already late, the otherwise good kids of my condo did not bother to send Aadi to his class and he was wandering around in the school campus...luckily Amol's co-worker saw him and sent him to his class. We got calls from him and another lady telling us about our wandering son....we were horrified, we immediately got ready and went off to the school to sound our disgust at this hopeless and careless service being given to us. We spoke to the Director Manojh Nair, and he placed a call to the contractor who said he would check and let him know. He too was surprised how a driver could leave a KG-1 child at the gate !!
Anyways the next day was also same, so we decided to drop him to school ourselves...and maybe next term or even in a couple of months he can start the school van.
But the downside of this exercise is that Aadi is crying when it is time to say bye at the class door...and it is heartbreaking to watch him cry :(
Another downside is that I hardly get any 'me-time' in the morning, as we get home by 8 then I go to the gym and return in half an hour, make Amol's lunch and then he's gone by 9 and then I have to make mine and Aadu's lunch...and then do the odd house-work and again be ready by 11:30 to go and pick him up !!
So all the people who told me that 'now that Aadi is in school you will have plenty of time for yourself''s not true !!!!!!!!!!!!
I know this is the way it is going to be for some time now and I really have to plan my day as best as possible to make way for my writing...coz writing is also my escape and a totally 'me time'.


Smita said...

Nice to see your post after soooo long.
Good and Best Wishes to Aadu for his new school Year

Malina said...

Neelum,good to have you back and it's great that Adi has adapted to school so well!Believe me,you actually become busier when kids go to school except when the school is of very long duration (such as 5-6 hours).