Monday, August 6, 2007

Treating Colds

"Aachooo....Aachooo" sound like very familiar right? and when it is your little one making that sound, your heart melts seeing them is such agony & discomfort. My son is just recovering from his bout of cold. I know a lot you moms have gone through those days of sneezing & sleepless nights, not only coz the kids suffer but others in the family also apparently catch it. So I thought I will share what I do when my son has a cold, and the remedies work well for us adults as well.
Milk boiled with a bit of turmeric is very soothing & something warm is very comforting as well, the turmeric provides immunity & healing from within. I also like serving all the meals a little warmer than usual & stick to simple meals as the digestive system is poor at these times. Moong dal khichadi, dal-rice with a bit of home-made ghee is best. I give him plenty of orange juice, lime juice, actually the point is to provide Vitamin C, which is very deficient when one has a cold. We also make a potli of a thick cloth & fill it with ajwain (ova), and heat this over a pan/skillet & use this potli to warm up the child, touching the head, nose, chest, ears, back, feet; This provides quick relief to small babies. Another thing that I discovered quite recently but works fantastically well is actually the result of a research carried out in Canada. Here is what we have to do: When the child is going to bed, apply generous amounts of Vicks on his/her soles (feet), and cover them with socks. This gives a warmth to the entire body & does all the things that Vicks would have done had you applied it to the chest, back, nose, head etc. This also ensures a full night of sleep. (this has worked for my son!!). Why I like this method best is because, my son used to spread the Vicks into his eyes if I put it on his head or nose.


Ketaki said...

Hey 3 Amigos,
I have added yor blogsport URL to my web page. Hope its OK with you. If not let me know and I will delete the link. Great blog! Good Show!

himali said...

I remember you telling me abt applying vicks when Anaiy caught a cold. I did try it and it worked like a charm. He slept throughout the night and he also recovered faster than usual.

Ketaki said...

sadhya hirvya mirchya. ani ho please deseed them naheetar dusrya divshee bad memories rahateel.
BTW- for choked nose, take a bit of toop in a spoon and heat it over the stove, let it cool and toop mulanchya nakaat sodaycha. Shanta zop lagtey.