Monday, August 13, 2007

Pick a workout that suits your personality

I stumbled upon this article (mid-day 2005) stowed away in my diary & knew at once that I had to share it with you all. It tells us of 7 different workouts to suit your personality. This goes along with the now prevalent health funda that we should choose our workout according to our personality & what we enjoy doing the most.
Methodical or Stressed out->Weight Training
With any form of weight training (dumbells, bar bells, machines), you can lose calories in the nest 24 hours, as opposed to only cardio vascular exercises which keep your metabolism high during the time you work out & maybe for an hour more. An increased number of repetitions with light weights (for the elderly or those who dislike the heavily muscled look) is also beneficial. Where: Just about anywhere, your local gym or even at home on a treadmill & with weights. Just ensure that you warm up for 10 minutes before the workout, & cool down later.
Calm & Introverted->Martial Arts
Single mindedly concentrating on the body parts involved, helps you understand the mind-body connection. And no, it's not about fighting. It's a great cardio-vascular workout that also strengthens muscle tone.
Competitive-> Cycling, Athletics
If you are a top contender in the inescapable rat race this is the perfect way to get you back in touch with yourself. Releasing bottled-up emotions, and sense of achievement of a goal will keep you motivated, unlike simple walking on a treadmill which might bore the hell out of you, given your i-want-more-challanges personality.
Peppy, extroverted->Aerobics or different forms of dance
If rythm, thumping beats are the sound track of your mind, this is for you. During your aerobics class make sure that your target heart rate is 85%. This is vital because any figure above or below 85 will not lead to weight loss.
Adventurous->Rock climbing
Trekking up the slopes may sound blissful, but it's not always easy to take off for a wild day trip. Instead sign up for an indoor rock climbing class. You're sure to see initial inhibitions vanish after your first class. This cardio-vascular exercise works out your back, shoulders, forearms, fingers & most importantly your leg muscles. You lose as many calories with 3-4 jaunts as you would after running on the treadmill for 10 minutes.
Aggressive, frustrated-> Yoga, Kickboxing, Swimming
Yoga & kickboxing might seem like contradictory disciplines, but they are perfect (in conjunction or by themselves) for individuals who need to let off steam. Kickboxing revitalises you by making you release endorphins, while holding yogic asanas in a state of concentration without letting your mind wander, is the perfect way to de-stress. Swimming is also great for all you water babies. It doesn't lead to weight loss, but tones your muscles.

Calculating your target heart rate: Maintaining your target heart rate is vital during your workout. To know your target heart rate subtract your age from 220, and calculate 85% of this figure; the result is your target heart rate. If your heart rate is below this figure when you exercise then you will not lose fat, on the contrary if it's above this figure then you will lose muscle.

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