Saturday, August 18, 2007

Different Strokes

Who does not remember Arnold...the cute little black boy who is living with a white Dad (of course there are other characters)....I loved the boy simply because I could relate to him in everything he did...pranks, faced problems at home or school, issues with elder brother, sister....the works.....
I also loved to see him frown, just his expressions part coz he was so good & looked so cute when he frowned.
Here is a gist of what DS was: Arnold & his brother Willis are sons of the housekeeper who worked for Mr. Philip Drummond. After her death, Mr. Drummond adopts these kids & this is where the fun begins. The two brothers adjust to living in a New York penthouse, there is cultural difference to say the least, every situation gave way to a comedy filled episode. But it was also a step towards accepting other races.
I have just come to know that all the seasons are available on DVD....I sure am going to get them for my son to watch and me to relive those days of my childhood when I used to wait for the day DS was to be on TV!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Neelum,

This is Manali....I too would like to get the collection...
Will you get them in Pune?


Neelum said...

Yes you can get it through Here is the link