Wednesday, August 15, 2007

First Movie

On the 26th of November 2006, we went to the movie "Happy Feet". It was an event organised by a company that organises movie events for people with kids who normally find it daunting to take kids to a movie. I loved the idea of going to a movie with kids where everyone else also has kids & no one will yell or mind if the child decides to cry or just jump around.
We set off with all of Aadi's lunch & snacks packed and making sure that we carried a warm jacket & a shawl for him should he feel cold or fall asleep. We went to Suntec City's Eng Wah theatre where it was to be screened. The venue was full of people & cute kids all bundled up for the movie. There was a song n dance show going on & the toddler were enjoying it immensely. There was also a stall of baby clothes, maternity wear & also Maybank was there with it's portfolio of education & insurance schemes for children. It was a very well thought of event, as there also was a counsellor who specialised in relationships. Often we experience a strain in our relation with our spouse after a child is born, so this counsellor was giving couples some pointers and guidelines to strengthen & enhance the now-new relationship as parents.
OK enough said about the event, now let me tell you how we enjoyed the movie itself. My son was quite excited when the movie began & he saw lots n lots of penguins all over the screen. I had thought that he will get afraid in the darkness of the movie hall, but NO !! he was at ease & kept looking at us when we laughed at anything during the movie. After about half an hour, he decided to look at people sitting behind us and was very pleased to see other babies enjoying the movie & trying to make sense of it all. After some more time he lost interest and wanted to have a stroll, so we let him walk to his stroller. We went back to our seats & watched the remaining movie with fun. We were not at all 'disturbed' by crying babies or parents walking in & out of the hall.
Now Happy Feet is a favourite of my son & tells us to play the 'punn' (read penguin) dance for him, which we happily do !!

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Ketaki said...

Cool! Singapore is simply bursting with such ideas. Will it work in India too? Whenever I go for a movie I see a lot of families carrying along their toddlers. Tell us more about it.