Wednesday, August 1, 2007


In the days gone by a lot of things have happened around the world, with me....I finished reading my Harry Potter & was quite sad after it was over (not because of all the people that die) but because it was the LAST!! it really was the last Harry Potter book that I would read. Reading HPs started as a curiosity for me & I did not realise that it had become a part of me....I wished I had house-elves, I wish that food would just pop out of nowhere & I wished I could experience something as exciting & testing as the things Harry & his friends had to go through. What I like best about the series is that it upholds friendship, trust, truth, honesty of the soul & empathy to all things living. There are of course many more things that I love about the series. I am in awe of Joanne Katheleen Rowling's (yes that is her full name) imaginative mind, to come up with such a great ensemble of characters in such a mystical subject is not only tough but I feel it would be a struggle to keep the characters real & relatable.
Another event that took place & left an impression on me was the swearing in of the first lady President of India, Mrs. Pratibha Patil. I could not decide whether I was happy that a nation so great as ours finally had a lady as it's First Citizen or that I was sad to let go of a dynamic President that I saw in Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. Words fail me when I want to write about APJ (that's what I call him). To me he was the ideal President as I simply loved all things that he did as President. As the First Citizen he showed great love for the younger generation, he spent his time with them, answering their numerous questions, telling them to dream BIG. He is such an inspiration!! I loved the fact that he was non-political, he was much above that & has really raised the standard for Presidency in India. I would have loved to see him serve another term but I guess he also knows that what he is set out to do (igniting & enlightening young minds) does not require an 'official post', he is very capable of doing that solo. I wish him the best of everything & hope that some day I can meet him.


Sonia said...

i still remember reading HP for the first time - i had borrowed it from you - and i think i also borrowed the third one from you... so that was ten years of fun reading... and i just had this thought - i hope i returned your book

Neelum said...

yes u have well the first one...i'm not sure about the third one though....but i can check only when i go back home !!

Ketaki said...

I weep everytime I imagine Pratibha Patil in APJ's shoes. NO comparison- stature, eloquence, vision and his emotional connection with Indians especially the kids. Pratibha Patil is soo pedestrian!