Thursday, August 16, 2007

Diaper Dolphin

A few days ago my eight month old baby Nazu had his first taste of being in the swimming pool. I decided to take Nazu to the pool as per his pediatrician's recommendation who told me that swimming is very good for babies and aids in their physical and mental development. I was totally convinced after reading about the myriad benefits of "baby swimming" in the Internet.

Before taking him to the pool, I massaged oil all over his body so that it remains warm and dressed him up in his swimming costume and cap. His elder sister was quite excited to see the little one in a swimming suit ....and he was actually looking quite amusing. I did diaper him to prevent any accidents.

When I stepped into the shallow pool with the baby in my arms I only dipped his legs to make him used to the idea. He seemed a bit apprehensive and so I let him take it easy. After a while when he seemed a bit used to the idea of a large body of water I slowly put his body into the water with one of my arms holding him and the other below his belly. My baby was a bit stiff at first but then after a while he started enjoying and splashing water. He babbled and laughed and his enjoyment of water was really infectious! His sister joined in the fun and so did we!Nazu started making the "click click" noises that he always makes whenever he is stimulated (incidentally he has been nicknamed "dolphin" by us because of this).

I let him play in the water for only ten minutes as it was his first day and I wanted his body to gradually get used to it. When I took him out of the water and wrapped him in a towel my baby gave a loud cry as if to say "I want some more time in the pool." but I took him away and gave him a good bath to wash away all the chlorine water.

I intend to take my baby for swimming at least once a week and I am now in search of swimming diapers as the normal ones become quite large by soaking a lot of water.

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