Thursday, August 16, 2007

Tea Trivia

  • 80% of office workers now claim they find out more about what's going on at work over a cup of tea than in any other way
  • Apart from tourism, tea is the biggest industrial activity in India.
  • Tea was created more than 5000 years ago in China.
  • The first book about tea was written by Lu Yu in 800 A.D
  • Tea firstly appeared in Europe thanks to Portuguese Jesuit Father Jasper de Cruz in 1560.
  • The number of recommended cups of tea to drink each day is 4, this gives you optimal benefit.
  • 96% of all cups of tea drunk daily in the UK are brewed from tea bags.
  • 98% of people take their tea with milk, but only 30% take sugar in tea.
  • Tea is a natural source of fluoride that can help protect against tooth decay and gum disease.
  • Tea has potential health maintenance benefits in cardiovascular disease and cancer prevention.
  • Tea contains half the amount of caffeine found in coffee.
  • By the middle of the 18th Century tea had replaced ale and gin as the drink of the masses and had become Britain's most popular beverage.
  • Tea breaks are a tradition that have been with us for approximately 200 years

Sonie I can see you walking to the kitchen to make your cup of TEA !!!

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Malina said...

Tea is my favourite beverage.When I was working I actually used to have tea 3-4 times during the office hours.