Friday, August 31, 2007

Hey Baby...with my baby

This Wednesday, Ranz called & asked me if I want to watch Hey Baby - the movie....I was like I can't coz I'm not sure if Aadi can sit through the 3 hours in the dark...and I have never taken him to a 3-hour hindi movie before this. She assured me that it would be OK as Ana (that's what Aadi calls her husband Anand), and my brother & hubby all would happily walk him out should he cry. I was sort of ready to go, but the fear remained. To prepare him I told Aadi about the baby in the movie & that it would be dark but we all would be around etc. He seemed OK. We took a taxi to Shaw Tower on Beach Road, which houses the Jade Cinema where we were to watch the film. On reaching the place we made a beeline to the snacks stall as 2 of us had come straight from office. But there were no snacks that we had imagined (samosas etc). My hungry hubby grabbed some packets of potato wafers & we went in.
Our seats were quite high as I did not want Aadi to be too close to the screen. Some trailers were on & we I was highly pleased to be back to watching hindi films in theatres...I was ogling at the screen like never before!! Aadi was very amused to see such a huge TV screen, & was glued to it. Once the movie began he was watching it closely, and once the baby was on screen we all got running commentary about what the baby was doing. Aadi would say ' aiiiiii' meaning 'Mumma the baby is crying'...and then 'Mumma haa haa haa' which is 'Mumma the baby is laughing'...then followed actions for bath etc.
Funny thing was in the movie the baby pees on Akshay Kumar, my son immediately told all of us 'baby su-su' !! we were all in splits !!
Aadi took turns sitting with each one of us....he would call out the next person to carry him..'Anaaa'...'Dadaaa'...'Papaaaa'..'Mumma'...he has not fixed a name for Ranz yet, we're trying to teach him to say 'maushi' but he manages 'aushi' but not quite there...
Anyways back to the movie. In the later half when Fardeen comes as Parimal Tripathi, and there is lot of laughter & comedy, Aadi was laughing a lot & then funny enough the family sitting in front of us were laughing more because Aadi laughed so much !!
The movie ended and we were happy to leave the theatre with such wonderful & fun filled memories of my first hindi film with my baby "Hey Baby"


Malina said...

I must say that Adi behaved quite well in the movie theatre.Usually one would expect a child of his age to be scared of the darkness inside the theatre.

Manali said...

That was great!
That reminded me the similar case with Amey...

last month on the eve of Gurupournima..There was a musical concert in "Bharat Natya Mandir". in which, Shamika, my niece was going to play the synth...She was very excited abt the show, as it was her first ever stage appearance...and she wanted Mama, Mami and Amey to be there.

At first I told Abhijit to attend the show alone as I was not sure how Amey will react to the darkness & the music in the theater...but then Abhijit assured me that if he cries we can come we went..& to everyones surprise Amey was the 1 who enjoyed the concert soon as the music started he stareted singing along...
Had i not gone there, then Amey had missed the wonderful exp.

So I learnt that we should never take our babis for gratned & should expose them to every possible things.