Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Men ignoring your presence

I am standing next to my husband & some male friend/colleague of my husband or just some one new greets him warmly & have a little chat and just ignore my presence & behave as though I am transparent or invisible !! I am not greeted, I am completely ignored......has this happened with you? Well with me it seems to happen very often....and I wonder why?
Do the men we met have a low self esteem or are they plain shy to talk to ladies? Or do they think 'that's just a wife we can ignore her, she's not important'?
I feel angry and insulted.....
Tell me your thoughts on such an event


Amolsledge said...

There could be few reasons for this kind of behavior:
1) The person is mannerless & he should be taught how to behave.
2) The person is too shy & can't think of starting with a conversation.
3) The person feels it is inappropriate to talk to since he is working for that person and thinks he might be crossing his line by talking to the bosses wife.
4)The person is purposely ignorant, since he does not have respect for ladies - rare but there are people like these

In my opinion 1) 2) & 3) can still be managed to change their behaviour but 4) is something who is better left alone.

“The best thing to give to your enemy is forgiveness; to an opponent, tolerance; to a friend, your heart; to your child, a good example; to a father, deference; to your mother, conduct that will make her proud of you; to yourself, respect; to all men, charity.” --- Benjamin Franklin

Ketaki said...

If it were an Ally Mcbeal scene , it would play out like this- the person is shaking hands and pleasantries with your husband ignoring you and clearly displaying a sexist attitude while you are thinking in 'visual bubbles'- where the guy is a pig (MCP)and you say #%^$ off you filthy creature.

Anonymous said...

Oh My GOD, Neelum Mam. I would never ignore you.