Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hairsavers For Women

I have been losing a lot of hair since the last six months and so this title caught my attention. Written by Maggie Greenwood-Robinson , this book is very informative and tells you all about treatment options and more importantly the possible side-effects. A lot of important information here can be of real use to people who are about to start hairloss treatment. For example, did you know that only two hairloss treatment drugs are approved by FDA? (One is "Rogaine",and the other is called "Propecia".)

There is also a chapter on herbs for hairloss and the effect of diet on hairloss. The chapter on herbs is interesting but I wonder why there is no mention of "amla" (Indian gooseberries) which is considered to be one of the most effective herbs for hair health. There are also chapters on surgical solution (hair transplantation) as well as non-surgical solutions (wigs, concealers etc). Overall, this book is worth reading if you are experiencing hairloss and want to know the treatment options available to you.

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