Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Find your "Best Fit" Jeans

I know a lot of girls like me who don't know what exactly to look for while buying a jeans, or then we never found the 'right' stuff. For me all my student life I was fat and thus did not even think of wearing jeans, but later when I ventured into a good shopping mall in Mumbai to buy a pair of pants & jeans....I searched high and dry in the ladies section but to my dismay I was asked to try the Gents section !! How humiliating is that !! Without losing heart I went to the gents section, and the guy there gave me a few to try (he was not surprised to see me there, so I think a lot of girls were being sent to him!!). I found a pair that was OK but it was very lose around the waist especially behind....all this had taken so much time that I just picked up that pair and headed to the cashier.
It's been many years since that incident & I have bought just one more pair since then but again I did not find something that was right for me....I saw a show that Oprah had dedicated to help us find the right pair of jeans & trousers for us. That helped & I at least got to know the terms like straight-cut, boot-cut, low rise, mid-rise...gosh there is an entire stream of science dedicated to Jeans !!

A few days back Oprah again came to my rescue & in the August issue of the O Magazine I came across This is a site that searches for the right fit of jeans for you after you have answered a few questions, they list the makers of the best jeans for you & also link you directly to the makers web-site or then give the store details where you can pick up the jeans. The thing I liked best was that it caters to plus-sized women which is a huge blessing. This is a company based in Emeryville, California so in that respect we can locate the brands & type of jeans that is best for us & then we will have to locate the store selling those in our country of residence or then the brand/maker has a listing on their website.
They also have a great bra-finder, and you can be quite happy to see a large variety of brands & types available to you as per your size & preferences.

Do check it out I found it very educational & eye-opening !! & it's going to save me tons of time the next time I go bra-hunting or getting a pair of jeans.

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Ketaki said...

Sigh! i guess you need to have a figure like Priyanka Chopra to find best fit jeans easily. Just yesterday I say a song with Priyanka in it, running to her lover's arms in figarrr-hugging jeans with a hige belt and not an ounce of fatt anywhere on that gorgeously tones body!!!!SOBBBBBB
with these toughts i am going for my tennis lessons with an extraa zeal today.