Monday, August 13, 2007

I Dream of Jeannie

I was watching the Martha Stewart show today and was pleasantly surprised to see Barbara Eden & Larry Hagman as her guests. We know Barbara as the beautiful genie, Jeannie & Larry as the handsome astronaut Anthony 'Tony' Nelson from the lovely sitcom that we saw as kids, "I Dream of Jeannie".
Jeannie was awakened from her two thousand year imprisonment when Tony's' final stage rocket misfired and forced him to abort a space launch. Captain Nelson was washed ashore on a desert island where he found a bottle on the beach. Upon opening the bottle he set Jeannie free. As legend states, he who frees the genie becomes its master. However upon summoning a helicopter for him, rescuing him from being stranded, Tony claims they are even, she is free to go. Falling in love with the first man she set eyes on in two thousand years, Jeannie follows Tony home to Cocoa Beach, Florida. Jeannie was initially little more than a pesky, jealous servant, but as the series developed, so did their relationship, and eventually the couple was married in the fifth and final season.

I used to love to see how Jeannie was madly in love with Tony, and she would do all sorts of funny things to please him. She would do things with a a quick blink of her eyes, wow what fun it would be to have this ability or just to have a genie !!


himali said...

Oh ya, I used to watch a lot of these episodes, also, another one that comes to my mind....bewitched. Very cute.

Manali said...

I too loved the show!!
Also one which i used to like is Different strokes!