Sunday, October 25, 2009

Window shopping - our theme for the weekend

Window shopping in a place where everyone seems to be shopping for something and where every (almost) store has some too-good-to-resist promotion going and why on earth did I decide to just window-shop?.....answer lies in the time of the month...where the bank account has been set on high speed spin dry by paying off all those bills, and trying to maintain a good diet at's the month-end and like me many of you also may face this situation at this time of the month.

It's not that we go into a spending frenzy but given that we just turned the page on Diwali makes up for all the loss of cash in the bank. We did buy some clothes for the son and father from Isetan, and then my footwear had to be replaced because every step that I took was accompanied by a 'charrr-charr' noise which finally got to me. There was an occasion of impulse buying at the Bangsar Village where I spotted a lady with a good collection of Indian wear. We also bought some surprise stuff for our brothers. Most expensive turned out to be the son's clothes, as we were replacing all of his cute cartoon featuring clothes for some grown-up (in kids category) stuff.

Yesterday we just went to the Curve (Aadi kept calling it 'urve') and strolled into some stores, where we had not been before like the Padini Concept Store, where I absolutely fell in love with most of the accessories on display. The chains, the earrings, the large cocktail rings, the sunglasses, the bags (one particular one has caught my fancy, but it's going to have to wait at the store for me). The accessories were very nicely displayed and separated as per the color tone, yellow, oranges, black, etc...very well done and a very well thought out collection too I must say. None of it was OTT, they were all wearable pieces and price was also good, a nice pair of danglers was 29.00 RM etc.
We spent quite a lot of time at Padini.

Next we walked into a home store called IDEKO, located on the 1st floor. They had a good collection of lanterns, and the display was very nice, with lanterns of different designs were all hung in one cluster at various heights. The cushion covers were nice too. Best of all I liked their dinner sets, they were from Italy, and they looked very tempting. Priced at around 140 RM (after discount) for a 16 piece set. Again very subtle & minimum details. Amol liked some lamps there, and also some bathroom sets. Aadi had to be warned time and again about not touching any of the items.

After a quick bite at the Thai Express where we ate some seriously spicy yellow chicken curry, we strolled over to the Ikano Power Center, across the street. Here we walked through the Ace Hardware store (don't as me why we entered it in the first place); but we walked out with a coir door mat, a nylon string to dry clothes and a steering wheel cover.
Something interesting about this cover: Aadi & I were in the car accessories aisle, Amol was somewhere very far off. Aadi spots this tiger striped steering wheel cover and insists that we buy it for our car, and he said it was Tigger's tail !! I tried to dissuade him and lastly told him that that thing was outright dirty !! Much later when I was at the check out with my door mat in hand, Amol walks up with the same cover and insists that he wants it !!! (Talk of father son bonding) . At this point I was down 2 to 1 so I had to concede and pay for it.

Next stop was a very impressive store called AuthenTeak, which sells Teak furniture. Not only was the collection good, the prices were sky high as one would expect; but some of their stuff was made out of re-claimed wood which in these times of climate change and global warming is very nice to see and one should encourage such companies.

Macy was next in line, and I was instantaneously in love with the numerous curtain fabrics on display, the sofa fabrics were also very nice. They make sofa slip covers, so I made a note of it, and will pass on the details to my house owner as we are in dire need of replacing the current covers which are beige in color and have weathered after all the use and abuse they have been through with us around !!

With no more time in store, we hit the road again to attend Aadi's art class at Bandar Kinrara. Amol also did some canvas painting there, and we will go again next week to finish off his work.

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